How Image Theft Can Affect your SEO

avoid-image theft

Many people mistakenly think that if an image is available on the Internet, it is free to use for any reason? Under United States law, an image is copyrighted from the moment it was created. You do not need to apply for a copyright, but it can help you avoid conflict if someone were to

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8 Tips To Improve Usability In Mobile Web Design


It’s 2012 and you’d probably not know anybody who doesn’t have a social networking profile or someone who isn’t web savvy. With the way technology is growing and the growing popularity of smart phones, a world where mobile web becomes the first medium to access internet isn’t far away. Practically, almost 1.7 billion people are

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Google’s Algorithm Changes – Threat or Treat.


Google is hands down the biggest search engine out there. It is a search engine known for constantly improving its algorithm in an attempt to make searching a better experience for users. But is it really good for all people? Well, it’s true you can’t please everybody. There are people who don’t like changes and

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The Basics of Press Release Writing

press release

One of the strategies proven to be effective in website optimisation is through writing a press release. In fact, SEO companies and SEO consultants know pretty well the importance of press releases in making sites gained a wider audience. As an effective tool in online marketing, press releases also help in making products and services

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The Marketing strategy that can sell ANYTHING (literally)

Marketing Strategies-Optimized

Many believe that marketing is a numbers game. While I don’t completely deny the fact but I believe that marketing is more of an art than a mere numbers game and the rules keep changing every moment! What worked for someone the other day might not work for you even in the exactly identical scenario.

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Eight Simple Ways of Building More Effective Autoresponders


An email auto-responder if done correctly is one of the most effective tools in an online entrepreneur’s arsenal. An email autoresponder makes it possible for them to respond to inquiries in a timely manner. It buys you valuable time for collecting your thoughts making a follow up email to an inquiry more personal and targeted

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Giving Your Internet Marketing Campaign a Personal Touch

online sales marketing

Internet marketing should not just be about advertising your business to potential customers in hopes they like what you have to offer. When people search the internet looking for a particular product or service, what will make you stand out from the rest? How can you show people that it will be to their benefit

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