All About Hockey: Guide to Buying The Right Hockey Equipment for Kids

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safety in playing hockey

As parents, we always prioritize the safety of our children especially when they have their little own adventures such as going to a camping trip or perhaps, joining a new sport. A far common sport in the United States which kids love to take up is hockey.

Hockey as Sport

Many of us parents have witnessed our kids becoming giddy over watching NHL (National Hockey League); surely, most of them want to be like those professional players. But before they can even touch the skating rink, there are several gears we have to secure in order to ensure safety.

As much as possible, all the equipment that will be discussed below should be secured since each has its own purpose of protecting our kids when they’re playing.

The Must Haves

  • Equipment Bag

The bag will basically house all of what are listed below. Although equipment bags can be both wheeled or non-wheeled, kids most likely prefer the wheeled type as it may more convenient to carry and move around.

  • Helmet

The best helmet option is one that fully protects the head and the face; thus, a helmet with a full cage is required for kids. Also, ensure that the helmet fits your child’s head perfectly.

  • Mouth Guard

To protect our kid’s teeth from damage, a mouth guard is highly recommended to be used when playing. You can purchase one from your dentist to ensure the right fitting. However, you can also buy from the store.

  • Neck Guard

Although very rare, there is still a chance that the hockey stick or blade might come in contact with your throat and that could be fatal; this is why a neck guard is extremely important for protection.

  • Shoulder Pads

These pads are used not just to protect shoulders but also the upper back, biceps and chest area of the person. Shoulder pads that offer great protection might be quite bulky; it’s best to choose a shoulder pad that isn’t too bulky not too small as well. Make sure the pads don’t restrict your kid’s mobility.

importance of hockey gear

  • Elbow Pads

For kids who might be new to hockey, elbow pads would be beneficial as you they might fall on the ground from time to time.

  • Shin Guard

In hockey, it’s quite common for shin areas to get hit by skates or sticks, that’s why it’s important to secure shin pads when playing. Getting hit in the shin areas may be extremely painful.

  • Gloves

Gloves are important for protection against other player’s possible hacks. Depending on the child’s preference, you may choose a glove that seems to be thicker but adds more protection or those that are thinner and offers more freedom and flexibility.

  • Jock Pants

To protect important areas of the body, both girls and boys are required and recommended to wear jock pants when playing the sport.

  • Hockey Pants

Make sure to buy just the right size of hockey pants. It would be too uncomfortable to play and concentrate when your pants are sagging or coming off.

  • Socks

Not just any socks but hockey socks which cover  and keep the shin guards in place are also part of the must have equipment. Make sure the socks also keep your legs warm.

  • Skates

When choosing a pair of skates, comfort and the right size are important factors. In some ways, the brand of the skate might matter as it may imply quality. If you are interested to see some of the best men’s hockey skates, we loved Skate HQ’s explanation of the top brands, both for adults and kids.

  • Sticks

When choosing a hockey stick, choose the right size and length of the stick. For children, it’s best to use sticks that fall just below the chin when playing.


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