How to Create a Custom Tab or Page for your Facebook Fan Page

Welcome, this tutorial will teach you how to create a custom page or tab for your Facebook Fan Page. Among many benefits to having a custom tab or page one very important benefit is that it makes your page stand out and look professional as opposed to just displaying the plain boring Timeline page. Now lets delve into how we can go about implementing this great tool. In order to create a custom tab or page we need to first install a Facebook App. There are several out there and with this tutorial we will be using the iwipa app.

Here are the steps:
1 – Click on the following link to install iwipa
After we click the install button you will be asked to select the Fan Page.
iwpa facebook app
Next just click the ‘Add Iwipa Website: HTML + iframe + FBML’ link.
Up to now we have installed the application.
2 – Now go to your Fan Page, you will see a Home icon tab with a ‘Website’ link right underneath it.
 (As a side note if you wish to rename the custom tab name or custom tab image you simply need to click on the down arrow beside the tabs to allow editing and then clicking on the top right corner of the tab will give you the option to enter Edit Settings where you can rename it or replace the custom tab image.)
click here
3 – Clicking on the Custom Tab will take you to the next screen.
activation welcome message
4 – As instructed click to activate your Fan Page. Next select your privacy settings and click Go to App.
facebook privacy settings
5 – Your page is now activated. You will be taken to the admin page to customize tabs and pages. Please note each tab has a page and our aim is to create a tab first and then give the tab a page to display when someone clicks on it. In admin mode clicking on the ‘Website’ tab and then ‘Manage your Page’ icon will take you to the following screen. You will need to change between ‘Manage your Page’ icon and the ‘View Page’ icon as you create your custom tabs and pages to get a feel of how design is coming along.
6 – First we want to create a tab by clicking the Tabs & Layout icon shown in the above image. This will take us to the following screen.
7 – To create the tabs similar to the image above we click on Add Page (Tab). This brings up a screen that is self explanatory.  Fill in the details and click Save Settings.
8 – As we mentioned before for each tab is a page and to create a page we first select the Page we want to manage and then we click and drag a layout module into the rectangular area as shown in the image above. Now click ‘Save Layout’ and then click ‘Return to Manage area’.
9 – After selecting the module select the page you want to manage and then click the ‘Edit Page Content’ next to it. Clicking this button will take you to the next screen as shown in the  image below.
10 – Please note when creating twitter or youtube tabs the layout modules need to run scripts which you will be copying & pasting code you get from twitter or youtube. If you will be creating any script related tabs then select ‘Settings’ and click on the ‘run in i-frame’ option, save and close the window. After this option is made, click on ‘Edit’.This will take you to an Advanced Editing page where you can insert images, code, text or use any other resources such as layout templates or fonts to help your pages look attractive. Once you are finished with designing your page save and exit.
11 – Congratulations, you have now successfully created a custom tab and page and you can now click the ‘View Page’ option to get a feel of how your page looks. If you need to make any changes go back to ‘Manage the Page’ and edit the pages or tabs as needed. Note that viewing the page as admin may not display the page perfect so it may be a good idea to log out and then view your Fan Page.
Here is the output of the page we have created.

As you can see we have the Tabs: Home, Our Fans, Guest Book & Contact, these are basic tabs and you may want to add tabs such as Twitter, Youtube and what have you by selecting the right layout modules.

You may have noticed that when someone visits your Fan Page they may not see the Welcome page but instead they find themselves on the TimeLine page where they have to click on the Website Link to get to the Welcome page. The trick to get around this problem is to go back to your main Fan Page and click on ‘Edit Page’. Now select ‘Manage Permissions’ and look for the Default Landing Page drop down box to select the Welcome option. Save the changes and your visitors should be landing directly on the Welcome page.
Now its your turn, once you create a couple of tabs you will quickly get the hang of it. Enjoy creating the custom tabs and pages for your Facebook Fan Pages and leave any comments if you need help along the way or let us know if this tutorial helped you.

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