Outside the Box Link Generation Tactics For Your Website

Tired of using conventional linking strategies? It seems today everyone is trying to get linked by doing the same things, over and over again. Instead, why not go outside the box to snag links that nobody else it targeting? These 10 unconventional and different link building strategies can help.

Do a Lot of Reviews

Go on review sites like Epinions and leave feedback for various products and services in your market. Make sure you link back to your website in your profile and/or when it’s relevant for the product you’re reviewing.

Be a Guest Speaker

Contact educational institutions and organizations near you and explore the possibility of being a guest speaker. If you do a guest speaking gig, there’s a very good chance you’ll get covered by the local media.

You could just get picked up by a small college newspaper, but you could also get picked up by a major local newspaper like the San Francisco Chronicles.

Do a Backlink Prize Giveaway

Do a mini-contest where people get a gift in exchange for linking back to you. For example, you might give away a $5 iTunes gift card for every blogger that links to you within a specific period of time. Or you could give away a special widget, like a laser pointer, which really costs you about $3 on eBay.

Come up with creative prizes you can give away in exchange for a backlink, then publicize the giveaway.

Do a Limited Time Coupon

Want people in your industry to link to you? One great way to do it is through a limited time coupon. Release a coupon code that gives a significant discount to products and let people know when it expires.

The coupon code, along with a link to your site will spread, because people want to help their friends get a good deal. Fortunately, even after the coupon code expires, the backlink will still remain.

Create a Unique iPhone App

Create an iPhone app that’s different than anything else out there and publish it. Then let all the app reviewer type of websites out there know about the app.

Make sure you host the info page about your app on your own website. Then whenever reviewers link to your app’s page, it’ll be on a page on your site. This will result in a whole lot of link juice flowing back to your domain.

Network in Your Area and Leverage the Power of Organizations

Go to your local chamber of commerce. Go to your local marketing meetup groups. Go to your local university’s business or web groups.

Network with people who have websites in your area and get them to link back to you.

Many organizations, such as Business Networking International or specific trade organizations will link to member sites from their high PR websites. Furthermore, you’ll also get to network with a lot of other website owners.

Post an Unconventional Job Listing

When Netflix published how they didn’t track hours, time off or holidays and instead let employees “use common sense” about taking time off, the story took off virally. You can do something similar.

Post a job listing that goes against the common grain. It’ll get people talking about get people linking to you. Of course, only do this if you’re actually looking to hire.

Take Influencers Out to Dinner

Try to meet up with major bloggers and owners of big websites and take them out to dinner. Explore the possibility of doing specific pieces of content with them and other types of partnerships. Ask them what it would take to get a link from them.

Interview a Well Known Expert

If you can get a well known expert interviewed, a lot of people in your industry will link to you.

If you’re into Chess, try to interview Bobby Fischer. If you’re into direct mail, try to interview Dan Kennedy. If you’re into boxing, try to interview Mike Tyson.

So on and so forth. Just one stellar interview can get you a flood of backlinks.


Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a website for reporters to reach out to people when they need sources for stories. Use HARO to find reporters who want to do articles on people like you to get mentioned and get backlinks from major news sources.

Note From Rohan : I would like to add a few more important points to the compilation so that you can use the document as an absolute checklist while building links for your projects. Hope you stay awake till the end of the post and don’t get bored. Trust me, it will get you some serious moolah later..Nuff said.

Make Use Of Social Media

Social media plays an important role in search ranking algorithms and it will continue to be more and more influential in the future. You can’t seriously intend to lose this valuable and free source of targeted traffic that converts like a pokemon! Make sure you have the right ‘mana’ so that your social media submissions have the right weight. Just creating a profile and submitting posts will not give your links any weight. It is important to have a natural submission profile since most social media sites are tracking your submission patterns and if you tend to submit only your own content then you will never make it to the top of the page. Team up with enthusiasts with a mutual interest and help each other grow your natural link profile by doing cross submissions.

How To Target The Correct Keywords

A major part of link building and the success of your campaign depends on how well you choose your keywords and how well you shuffle between your primary and secondary keywords to maintain a natural link profile. Sounds too geeky? Don’t worry I have made it simple for you in this post :

Create An RSS Feed Of Your Content

This has two benefits. Firstly, RSS directories are web 2.0 properties which the search engines just love and put a high authority in. Secondly it also aids you in your marketing. Having a master feed of all your content will help you introduce people to your posts, let them share it at leisure with bookmarking and scheduling services or just read it at the convenience of their RSS reader. This will help you not only in becoming an authority source of link juice yourself, but also in getting higher shares and conversions once the traffic rolls in.

Ann Smarty has written a post, about the right way to create and manage a master RSS feed for your content. You might want to check that out

Having an master RSS feed will also help in pinging the services easily. This is a boon especially if you are a new blog trying to get indexed. If your blog has already been around for a while and your articles get indexed at appropriate frequencies then you can do away with this part.

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  1. Backlink prizes comes close to the territory of paying for links. If the search engines find out that links were bought you can get a penalty. So be careful with tactics like that.

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    “Nick Stamoulis”, dont tell google about Adwords.. lol.. Do a dig in any well known ecommerce site, you may be very surprised in what you find ;)

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    I’d rather use an organic and natural ways in building backlinks than paid, because its safe and more favorable to Google.

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