Top 10 Article Marketing Mistakes

Article marketing is said to be one of the most effective Internet marketing methods, but is it also one of the easiest we use?

Unfortunately not.

Article marketing needs time, effort and skill in order to be effective, but when it is done correctly it can bring you tons of traffic and of course sales (this is what we want, right?)

Most people believe that writing an article and submitting it to many article directories could be enough and can make them rich overnight. Those are who are telling that article marketing is not working!

I don’t think so…

If you are into article marketing, just avoid the common mistakes and I bet you will see results soon.

 Article Marketing Mistakes to Avoid :

  1. Grammar and spelling mistakes

    No one wants to read an article full of typos and/or grammar mistakes. It is unprofessional and the reader will not take you seriously.

    Before you submit your article double check it for mistakes or ask someone else to do it for you.

  2. Your article is too short or too long

    A typical article should be around 300-400 words. A shorter one normally do not provide many information to the reader, and a longer one can be very tiring for someone to follow.

  3. Poor article formatting

    It is common knowledge that reader do not actually “read” the article. They scan it. This means that for an article to be attractive to the readers it should have a well organized content that looks nice to the eye.

    Use paragraphs, bold, italic, headlines etc. Make it look nice…

  4. Ignore quality

    Most people when writing an article are focusing on quantity and they totally forget about quality. Quality is what it matters thought…

    Write quality, unique, informative articles that people will like

  5. Submit the same article to many article directories

    There are many article directories (not all of them) that will accept your article even if it is not unique.

    Is this what you want?

    It really is not.

    Ideally this is how any article writing campaign should look :

    For your article to bring you traffic and be search engines optimized it should be unique. Search engines do not evaluate duplicated content and as a result your site will not rank high if you have backlinks from those articles.

  6. Do not consider guest posts

    Submitting your articles to directories is a nice and easy backlink strategy, but for me, it is not the best one. It is better to find popular blogs in your niche and write a guest post on them. It will bring you traffic and at the same time it will build your online reputation.

  7. You write promotional articles

    Never forget that article marketing is about building backlinks, gain reputation in your niches and indirectly make a sale. Thus, your article should be informative and helpful instead of promote a particular product.

  8. Lack of keyword search

    Article marketing is a SEO strategy and as a result when you use it you should make a keyword research first.

    Try to use keywords, short as well as long tail, that have high searches and low competition. This way it will be relatively easy to rank high in search engines.

  9. Submitting too few articles

    If you decide that article marketing is your thing, then you should understand that write articles often is essential. Submit one article will not work…

    Note From Rohan : You can take your article marketing efforts to new heights by coupling them with smart marketing strategies like article clustering. Read more about how article clustering works here

  10. Ineffective use of resource box

    Resource box is a tool that you should not forget to use every time you write an article. You resource box should not only be informative, but also a call for action. Think very carefully and choose your words in order for it to be effective and make the reader to click the link on it.

I know I spoke a lot and that this article is a bit long, but I feel I couldn’t say less…

I hope you got my point and you understood a bit further what article marketing is all about; not easy, time consuming but very effective in the long run.

A former economist Iliana Lola, is now a full time marketer dedicated to help newcomers get started with Internet Marketing. In her website guest author Iliana Lola talks about free tools and strategies to get started.

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Rohan Pawale is a professional internet marketer by day and an ace programmer by night and runs the show around here and an array of his client's business sites that he manages. (Damn! writing an introduction of yourself in the third person feels so corny, isn't it?)


  1. Another suggestion is to look for industry specific sites that allow article submissions. Articles help with link building, but they should be written well to attract target audience members as well.

  2. Timour Rashed says:

    Great article, added a few of your suggestion to my checklist.

    Just a small note shouldn’t “Quality is what it matters thought…” under the fourth item “Ignore quality” be “Quality is what matters thought…” or “Quality is what really matters thought…”. In other words, either remove the “it” or replace it with “really”

  3. Hey Rohan. Nice article.

    I agree with a lot of what you said especially in point number 6 about the guest post.

    You will more than likely get more traffic as a guest poster in a popular blog, but you must make sure there is some activity in the blob.

    Also, article marketing itself still is effective and I know this because I have actually written 4.5K articles that are in ezine

    So yeah..nice article Rohan.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Great tips. Form my personal experience pay a lot of attention to article formatting. Use list, don’t write long paragraphs, insert some images.

  5. Harsh says:

    I completely agree with #7. There should be a way to write informational articles with a trick to get visitors visit your site at the same time.

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