Copywriting Freedom – Now I don’t know what to say!

Freedom is paradoxically restrictive. Being a copywriter is a great and varied job. You sometimes get paid to write about your own views and experiences. This is what makes it liberating. But for the exact same reason, being a copywriter is also oppressive! Living with only your own frame of reference on things can make your inner voice seem exhausted and expired. Here are some tips to get the head-space flowing.

A Generation of Ideas

  • Read an inspirational book. Then write a review on that book, including what thoughts it inspired within you. You could also do a mind-map of any spin-off thoughts from the book.
  • Escape urban surroundings. Nothing enforces the banal mental-chatter that populates our head every day more than spending time in a busy chaotic environment. Going for a walk in a nice rural setting relaxes you and lets your mind breathe. The gateway state for creative and constructive thoughts.
  • As a footnote to relaxation; take regular breaks and do something you enjoy. It is often during these relaxed times of recreation that ideas come to you. Often, too much focus can have the opposite effect and you can get brain-freeze, or thought paralysis!
  • Subscribe to receive newsletters from organisations / companies that specialise your chosen topic of interest. An accessible way of doing this is to use social networking sites. If you ‘like’ a relevant page on Facebook or ‘follow’ a page on Twitter you will receive regular updates, news and articles pertaining to your interest. A response to this can be the basis for your blog.
  • When you’re finding ‘yourself’ stale, look externally for inspiration. Talk to people, listen to them. Eavesdrop on conversations in a café! Good ideas aren’t readily available. You have to look for them. The world is full of primary material waiting to be poetically interpreted!

Guest author Paula has made some excellent points on writing a good copy for your content marketing strategy, you might want to check it out.

And Now For the ‘Doing’

  • Write freely. Anything. Any word that come into your head no matter how random and how unrelated they are to each other. This serves as a warm-up exercise for the task of writing copy.
  • Stick to the traditional format. Typical essay structure is to write the main body first, followed by the introduction to outline the intention of the essay, and the conclusion to outline what the essay has achieved! So a lot of re-iteration takes place. Blogging and copywriting isn’t as dry as this, but you can have an introductory paragraph to ‘set the scene’, and a closing few sentences to summarise the post.
  • Remove yourself from distractions that limit your productivity. I am guilty of wasting many hours checking Facebook and emails, as well as watching YouTube to watch music videos.

Note From Rohan : Don’t forget to proofread your copy as there is no bigger turnoff than a spelling error in a copy. You don’t want that do happen

Grab the Boar by its Tusks

Being a Copywriter can be scary, and it’s easy to let fear pull you back. It is important to remember in any situation, Copywriting especially is to not be intimidated by fear or stress. They can be used to your advantage! Both get your adrenaline levels soaring and stimulate you. It can serve as the kick up the ass you may need! The adrenal glands are diligent workers in times when deadlines are in your focal foreground! So, with all this in mind, (and I don’t really want to quote a title of a self-help book, but I just have to…) “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”.

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