How To Use Co-creation To Market Your Blog

Sometimes we seem to have the feeling that those hyped-up marketing trends big industry people and experts are talking about do not apply to our own little blog´s promotion. However, there are ways in which you can use one of the hottest online marketing trends today, namely co-creation, to promote your blog and take it to the next level.

What is co-creation?

Co-creation means using all the ways companies connect with consumers today, especially online, to go beyond feedback, learning from consumer experiences and involving them in the development of new products, or using their input to adapt existing products to satisfy their needs.

Examples of co-creation are Nike´s sites where you can design your own sneakers or Volvo´s experience developing a new SUV with the help of a community of Californian women, who gave the company pointers as to what kind of car they would like to buy.

Honda used co-creation to develop a film about personal journeys to feature their latest sporty hybrid car, using real people as characters, musicians, etc.

These companies are finding that involving their audiences both in market research and product development processes can really pay off, partly because people feel a sense of belonging that greatly increases their customer loyalty.

Co-creation ideas for your blog

So, what can you do to use the techniques of co-creation in your blog promotion? Actually, a lot! The simplest idea I can think of is asking your readers what they want to read about, and writing about it for them. But what if you start a photo contest to illustrate one of your posts? How about creating a topic and getting reader input about it, so that your blogs can be made up of your own ideas, but also feature content from your readers.

If you have a travel blog, how about creating a series of local restaurant reviews by readers? If your blog is about online marketing, you can encourage your readers to share their own experiences, in order to broaden your perspectives on the topic.

Note From Rohan : While it may seem like an easy way to procure content you might want to set clear clauses about the ownership of the content posted on the blog and the editorial rights to it. The following image will make it clear to understand

Outside the box

Co-creation can be so much more than this! You could create a video on your topic, made up of clips submitted by users, in a similar (but cheaper way) to what Honda did.

The aim is always to increase the sense of belonging to a community, rather than that of being a passive spectator.

You could have a contest to redesign your blog or you could even co-create a brand new blog with input from readers: a blog they would be interested in reading. In order to do all of these things, it is essential to set up a two-way communication and a registration system on your blog.

Jeniffer has made some excellent points about creating compelling content that can be included as an additional source of content

In fact, you can co-create almost any type of product with your registered users, depending on what your niche is. Successful examples of co-creation are varied. They range from asking people to submit business ideas and funding the best ones among them, like Huggies` Mominspired project, to finding out what people want to feed their dogs and creating it for them, like the Del Monte company did. (Imagine that, people wanted bacon and eggs to feed their dogs!).

The conversation

In the world of marketing today, it´s all about the conversation, and co-creation is one of the best ways to keep your readers engaged and active on your blog. What do you think? Ready to give it a try? I would love to hear about your co-creation experiences!

Veronica Pamoukaghliani : am a writer and filmmaker living in Uruguay. Eclectic is my second name, and I am passionate about blogging and Internet marketing. I have my own blog at The Wander Life and I occasionally write for Print Ninja´s blog.

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Rohan Pawale is a professional internet marketer by day and an ace programmer by night and runs the show around here and an array of his client's business sites that he manages. (Damn! writing an introduction of yourself in the third person feels so corny, isn't it?)


  1. Great advice Veronica. As an example, several years ago I was heavy into video blogging and a member of our video blogging group asked us all to submit a 10 second video clip matching a lyric of a song she was making a video for…it turned out great and everyone had a hand in creating it.

    As an outcome of this, I STILL follow her online and read/watch the content she produces:)

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