Why Ignoring Social Media – Email Integration is Like Committing B2B Suicide

For many Business to business entrepreneurs their email database is easily the most effective tool using the greatest achieve available. When partnered with Business to business social networking, email becomes much more effective. This integration lays the building blocks for any future by which email is really a less reliable supply of prospecting.

Great inbound marketing is integrated marketing. Social networking can’t be a remote tactic and succeed. Rather it needs to participate a general inbound online marketing strategy which includes seo, blogging, e-mail marketing, marketing automation, along with other methods. Probably the most effective points of integration is available between e-mail marketing and social networking.

If you are still not sold on the idea that social media and email marketing go hand in hand you might want to check out this graph that clearly shows how there is a direct relation between people using social media and email. Would you like to miss out on either source of leads because of a mere assumption that email is not as popular as social media maybe? The choice is for you to make…

social media graph

Use Email AND Social Networking To Nurture Leads

Taking care of existing leads is all about much more than email. Social networking could be a valuable method to move leads with the sales funnel. Discussing content on social networking that can help move leads from researchers to purchasers. Make use of your marketing automation software that will help you send custom social networking messages to leads once they take an action in your website.

If you missed my last article on how to generate HOT leads from social media, you might want to catchup with that for a deeper insight.

Include Social Networking Follow Links In E-mail Marketing Messages

It appears simple, however, many Business to business companies simply don’t get it done. In most of the marketing email include obvious and visible links to have an email recipient to click and follow your active social networking accounts.

Test E-mail Marketing Offers In Social Networking

As your list is the most critical marketing funnel, you shouldn’t waste it. Share a prospecting offer for your social networking connections before your list to find out whether it converts site visitors into leads in a sufficient rate to merit an e-mail send.

Jay Baer has shared some excellent insights into how businesses should integrate social media and email marketing to leverage online marketing exponentially

Source Leads Properly

Make certain to make use of monitoring Web addresses to know that leads for the campaign are originating from social networking versus e-mail marketing. Information is effective. Getting clean data will help you to make informed options about future campaigns and increase results.

Source Email Content From Social Networking

What exactly are your social networking connections speaking about? Use hot subjects in social networking to fuel content for brand new e-mail marketing offers and copy. Give people the data that are looking!

I made a simple enough flowchart to explain how exactly your social media campaign must look like:

email marketing and social media

Make One Matched Push

Whenever you send an e-mail marketing message for prospecting it ought to be a part of a matched push. Your blog publish concerning the offer is going up on that day and social networking messages concerning the offer ought to be shared during the day. This matched push will assist you to maximize response rates and subsequently leads.

Use Social Networking To Develop Your List

It’s not enough to possess a prospective customer only associated with you via social networking. Providing them with onto your e-mail marketing list increases their probability of being a lead. Schedule regular updates to encourage social networking connections to end up part of your email community. Note: It is important when you are performing this to create anticipation. Allow you to social networking fans understand what information they’ll receive inside your emails.

We have seen some excellent insights on how to tweak your email campaign to get better conversions from email marketing

Do you have a social media- email integration plan in place yet? Do you think it is important to integrate social media into email marketing to generate more leads? Already tried out a strategy that worked well fir you? Let us know via the comment form below, I am all ears…

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  1. Dave says:

    Hi Rohan. Great post, thanks for sharing. Thought you’d like to know the link (If you missed my last article on how to generate HOT leads from social media, you might want to catchup with that for a deeper insight.) doesn’t work. Dave

  2. Another great article, and great advice. I’ve been building sites for clients for years and just this past year started creating and marketing my own products (ebooks, membership, etc.).

    It’s true that building a list is the #1 key to building any business…online or off, but what you’ve written above is so true. You can’t choose one over the other where social media and email campaigns are concerned.

    Used together smartly, and along with your blog content, it’s a powerful marketing trio for sure.

    Great stuff Rohan…as usual;)

  3. There is talk that social media has replaced email marketing, but I think that’s completely false. Email marketing is still extremely effective. It’s important to create many touchpoints to interact with potential clients and customers and integrate the approach across all mediums.

    • Rohan says:

      These ‘talks’ always keep happening in the blogosphere where people who have no real experience in marketing keep blabbering away some random pseudo-intellectual crap while the actual market reality is completely different. I know it can get frustrating sometimes :)

      I agree completely with you, social media is for broadcasting and email marketing gives a more personal touch, a sense of belonging which no amount of social media promotion can build. Infact social media should just be used as a tool to funnel leads to your email list and build relations with them.

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