The Golden Rule

It takes military level precision to execute a perfect link bait. Everything from the number of outgoing and incoming links to the preferred social media should be planned in advance. Link bait if taken means a surge of very high PR incoming links and traffic. Make effecient use of internal linking and the nofollow tag to effeciently pass PR and traffic to your preferred pages. Ideal ones are

the deep links which you want to boost on SERP’s. Since a page cant have a PR more than 10 yet you can still have a net influx of PR more than 10 you can’t afford to waste the incoming juice. Make a map of the link juice flow to push all your other keyword researched posts on the SERP’s. A blog if  marketed properly can outsmart even Einstein but if you make thesemarketing mistakes can bear disastrous results!


  • Don’t try to make a link bait if you have nothing valuable to offer .
  • Spamming is not in any way synonymous to promoting .
  • A link bait gone wrong can give you a nice shiny penalty from google for reciprocal links so if you are a newbie to SEO and dont know how to manipulate the PR flow with nofollow tags please dont take a risk .
  • Last but not the least , your friends have helped you in making the bait a success , never forget them when the task is done . Help them out by going out of the way in helping with the projects they are passionately involved in themselves .

Is This A Link Bait ??

Umm.. I dont know, you tell me, do you find it delicious? Would you link to it in your article? Would you like to be mentioned in my future posts? Even I am curious, let me know by dropping comments and sharing the post with your friends.

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