Post an Unconventional Job Listing

When Netflix published how they didn’t track hours, time off or holidays and instead let employees “use common sense” about taking time off, the story took off virally. You can do something similar.

Post a job listing that goes against the common grain. It’ll get people talking about get people linking to you. Of course, only do this if you’re actually looking to hire.

Take Influencers Out to Dinner

Try to meet up with major bloggers and owners of big websites and take them out to dinner. Explore the possibility of doing specific pieces of content with them and other types of partnerships. Ask them what it would take to get a link from them.

Interview a Well Known Expert

If you can get a well known expert interviewed, a lot of people in your industry will link to you.

If you’re into Chess, try to interview Bobby Fischer. If you’re into direct mail, try to interview Dan Kennedy. If you’re into boxing, try to interview Mike Tyson.

So on and so forth. Just one stellar interview can get you a flood of backlinks.


Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a website for reporters to reach out to people when they need sources for stories. Use HARO to find reporters who want to do articles on people like you to get mentioned and get backlinks from major news sources.

Note From Rohan : I would like to add a few more important points to the compilation so that you can use the document as an absolute checklist while building links for your projects. Hope you stay awake till the end of the post and don’t get bored. Trust me, it will get you some serious moolah later..Nuff said.

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