Make long 101 Grocery Style Lists

Making big lists has been the all time favorites of link bait content creators and mostly goes with the above trick 5 but with a textual twist to it. Instead of including magnetic info graphics, it employs the use of a list of things which is supposedly of use to the reader. This kind of bait requires absolute command on where you collect the 101 recources from and that requires a lot of research and prior knowledge of where to look for the information. Not to mention such posts keep receiving lifelong backlinks and traffic, so it is absolutely imperative to make it the best masterpiece you have ever created !

Create a Controversy

There are some topics in every niche which always create a debate and which will never have an answer . Pick up those, to create a controversial statement . However, please remember, do only as i said – ‘Create’ a controversy , in simple terms:

  • Bring up both sides of the issue with equal weight without taking sides .
  • People will do the rest by arguing in the comments section and bookmarking it to call their friends to help them in the debate .
  • Your bait is taken.
  • However don’t pick up politically controversial topics or it may get ugly .

Remember , you want to stand out from the crowd but not stand against it !

Use Info graphics

Can stress more ! Don,t irritate your readers with thousands of words , they have quit college years back and the last thing they want is a boring sermon . Try to include case studies Spruce up your post with some images and keep them entertained for a bit longer , (at least till they make a positive move in the direction of taking the bait)

  • Use related infographics however ,
  • Don’t make it look like the post is reading out what  is depicted already within the infographic . Your readers are not dumb.

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