Good Blogs Every Online Marketing Person Must Read

Good Blog Posts To Read This Summer


good blogs to read this summer

Good Blogs To Read

I have compiled a list of the best posts I have read throughout this week (yes I actually read that much , you can call me a blog worm). These are the most interesting and informative reads and I have classified them into various categories for your skimming pleasure though I can guarantee that you will be missing out on a lot of things if you skim though the content and not go through them .

SEO : Best Search Engine Optimization Reads

Google Farmer Update Diagnostic Kit

Check this to analyze if you have been hit by the panda update .

[Infographic] Local Web Presence
I love a good info graphic. Done right, they can be a great way to visualize complex data and make a topic much more approachable.

4 Reasons Why SEO Won’t Work For You
There are some very wrong ways to use SEO, and here are some reasons why SEO won’t work for you if you’re doing it wrong:

Local Search Tactics
As the importance of Local Search grows by leaps and bounds, what a tangled web is being woven by charlatans who are making a living off of local business owners who lack education about the rules of the game and are, thus, very vulnerable sitting ducks!

Google Places Listings Don’t Really Matter
I’ve noticed, for many cases, if you have great organic rankings for your local terms having the additional visuals of a map marker, logo image, and address/phone info, plus maybe star ratings, review snippets and review counts, from a Google Places listing, does not matter at all.

Social Media Marketing

Corporate Social Media Strategy

We segment corporations into a variety of maturity phases to indicate how advanced they are, although there are more gradients we can apply, we’re focused on three major segments at this time ranging from novice, intermediate to advanced, we found that there’s a natural bell curve with the intermediate accounting for about half, and about a quarter that are novice as well as advanced.

Social Search Signals
Exactly how your Social Media activities affect your search result positioning will never be revealed by search engines however, by closely monitoring search results and an in depth knowledge of how search engines determine placement, provides insight into how the search engine results are being affected by Social Media activities.

Social Media Engagement
Who in an organization should be a catalyst for a implementing a mind shift to get companies engaged in social media?

Facebook Credits And Global Economy
There has been much speculation recently about the role Facebook Credits could play in becoming a global virtual currency, and even the possibility of Facebook becoming a bank. In many ways, it already is becoming a bank – just not in the traditional sense. Facebook is harnessing the power of the social graph and has certainly adopted an expanded definition of what ‘currency’ means. It’s time for the rest of us to hop on board.

History Of Social Media
To truly appreciate social media and the ubiquitous nature of the Internet, the consumer must first remember the wireless networks’ distant and humble beginnings.

The Right Way To Social Bookmarking
What is social bookmarking? Well, it’s not what the spammers mean you when they promise to “submit your website to a thousand social bookmarking sites. Spammers never were very good with the dictionary.


Can You Define A Brand Yet?
It never ceases to amaze me how many people don’t know how to define brand. This applies to people that don’t work in marketing, those that work in marketing and even worse those that work in brand. I think a brand is:

Future Of Marketing : Personal Branding
“In the future, the Web you know will be based on the Web that knows you.” If so, what are the ramifications for marketing??

Article Marketing Mega Resource
Article marketing for search engine optimization has probably been dealt the greatest blow to its credibility and effectiveness by Google’s Big Panda update that the technique has endured in its 12-15 year history.
When it comes to social media, many companies decide not to participate, which is a risk-averse reaction to the messiness that comes with the social, but which in itself contains a ton of risks.

How To Deal With People Who Hate Your Business
If you have spent any good amount of time online you have probably heard the now infamous saying, “Haters gonna hate”. No one is really sure where it came from, but it’s clear to see that it struck a nerve with internet users in a big way.

Personal Relations and Marketing
There are many reasons why connections happen in real life. Meeting in person makes it easier to keep up with people.

Advertising And Client Mentality
And therein lies one of the biggest problems of the ad agency business. Agencies are asked and are in business to create marketing programs that, to use an overused phrase, cut through the clutter more than their competition can cut through the clutter

Learn Reputation Management From Amazon
If you ask Forbes Media and Reputation Institute, Amazon is the most reputable company in the world today. Did you think it was Google? Sorry, but the search engine ranked ninth.

50 Most Stunning Infographics

Today, information is ubiquitous; it surrounds the world as we know it. It surround us in the media, in published works both pedestrian and scientific, in road signs and manuals. What if there were ways in which we can transform this raw information into something more illustrative and visually stunning.

Search Engine News

Yahoo Launches Search Direct
Yahoo! has announced the launch of a beta version of Yahoo Search Direct, calling the event “the beginning of the beginning of a new era in search” (that! we’ll wait and see). Search Direct claims to give its users ‘answers’ and not just ‘links.’

Google Suggestions : Effect On Your Site
Did that unsavory forum post that was once result 98 for you name suddenly rocket up to 3? Do the words ‘review’ or ‘scam’ appearing next to your name before a potential customer is even finished typing make you queasy?

Effect Of Panda Update On Analytics
The Panda Farmer update has not hit the UK yet but when it does the effect it will have on everyday websites could be huge. Ecommerce sites are particularly at risk.

Google +1 Review
Did you hear the comment that “when you click +1, you’re telling your friends etc, that this is something you should check out!” In other words, you’re reviewing the link and offering up a postive review

Google Hot Subsumed Into Places
The Lat Long Blog just announced that Google Hotpot, rather than being a separately branded product, will now just be part of Places. It previously was integrated into Places in Mobile but was a stand alone product on the desktop.


I know this is a long list of good blog posts to read but I guarantee you personally that it is worth the time and you will have more insight in the world of online blog marketing once you have finished reading these . Please show some love by commenting and bookmarking these blogs and if you want to get featured in our next round up then let me know via comments .

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