35 SEO Mistakes & Myths : Stories Your Grandma Should Never Have Told You About SEO

SEO mistakes and myths have become a rising trend with all the pseudo-intellectuals of the internet marketing era . This post is not only intended to let you evaluate if you are commiting those SEO crimes but also as a heads up to those ‘experts’ who have been following their grandma obediently . Well then this post might turn out to be an ugly realization to them, for the rest of you who have been enjoying my posts regularly, have fun as always !

So why the grandma in the picture ?

Because these are not the kind of people who dont know about SEO, in fact these are people who know about SEO, but the old and the, now irrelevant, umm…how do I put this delicately..WRONG version! and are still following those misconceptions which may have been a hit in the age when their grandma was an SEO expert (and hot, if that applies). So lets get started, with all due respect to all the grandmas I may hurt in the process ….

SEO Is Free

This is the biggest misconception people carry. It may seem free if you neglect the time liability! A major part of SEO is taken by keyword research and link building, in fact far more time than actually making the post and publishing it! So if you think that ‘time is money’, is a false implication, then yes, SEO is free (but are you sure your SEO guy feels the same way? I don’t know…)

SEO Is A One Time Magic Wand

I get a lot of questions from people asking me to ‘tell’ them what SEO tips are and how to do ‘SEO’ for their blog. Well, first of all , SEO is no black magic, so we cannot ‘perform’ something on a blog called SEO and get magical traffic. SEO gives best fruits when done as a habit . A habit of using keywords in the major places , a habit of marketing it properly and a habit of having PATIENCE ! It is not a product, it is, in fact an ongoing process .

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