Alexa Rank will influence your SERPs

Alexa is a separate web entity established with no affiliation to google what so ever. In fact we can call them competitors in the real sense in global statistic counting and web metrics. Why would a big entity follow its competitions metrics? On a different note, traffic comes first, then there is an improvement in Alexa, not the other way round and your search engine rankings have nothing to do with your alexa score.

Subscribe to Google RSS for SEO Secrets

You would not believe the number of RSS subscribers Google has, presuming we are counting only the ones who are waiting there in a hope that some day Google will magically reveal its algorithm which they can catch and become SEO masters. Well bad news for them! That is not going to happen !

  • Official Google blog or Matt Cutt’s blog for that matter, like any other blog, is written for the sake of sharing insights by the authors.
  • Those are not exactly SEO blueprints that will get you oodles of traffic in any way .
  • So if you are still waiting for that magical post when Google tells you their ranking secrets and algorithm, I won’t stop you , just please let me know when that happens…

Google Is The Only Search Engine

  • Google may be a good search engine, in fact the best! but in no way is it the only one! and neither is it the only source of traffic to any blog.
  • Don’t make your blog marketing, ‘Google centric’ .
  • Because they keep changing their algorithm and someday even your marketing methods might be tagged with a red flag like the recent panda update and you may lose a major source of traffic .
  • Make your marketing and traffic generation well distributed and that will make you less dependent on the search engines and save you from their frequent algorithm ‘improvements’ .

SEO Firms Are SEO Experts & Results Are Guaranteed

There are a lot of new firms out there which claim to be ‘BIG’ SEO companies, not to mention they are themselves struggling to reach even the 100 k alexa mark and to get a non-zero PR and are struggling to rank for their own keywords. They may even resort to PPC and paid links to get an instant boost but that is their trade secret which I must not reveal …OPSS !
Choose your reference wisely, is the source imparting research based content? Do they have their own results and flowcharts to flaunt from their own experiments with various viral blog marketing strategies? Then they might be worth spending time on .

SERPs Is Permanent

If you think that your url will stay on the current SERPs forever then think again ! There are 14 billion sites on the internet and all of them are struggling to take the podium that you are resting on now. So , if you are feeling lazy about building those extra links then , be ready for a rude shock in the SERPs .

Keyword Stuffing Is Onpage SEO

I think many people are following the 4 % keyword density rule after knowing that Google made keyword stuffing blackhat ! It is not that simple . Search engines aer advanced creatures and there are many ways in which the relevancy of the page is determined and this 4% rule will not make your page Onpage seo loaded in any way, if you neglect the other obvious relevancy signs.

More Links Means Better SEO

Unfortunately a variant of the above myth is true, but not the exact phrase! SEO is still , and will always be a numbers game BUT more number of authentic links will get you the ranking you deserve and not just a lot of random links.

Every link-back is a back-link

Good tongue twister but this the biggest reason why people lose out on PR and SERPs both and remain clueless forever ! Just getting a link from a guest post , or an article directory or any other good PR source is not enough . Google needs to index those links for them to be counted as backlinks . The next myth will make it clear .

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