13 Guidelines For Marketing Your Business Blog Virally

Underneath are a thirteen guidelines that are a sure tested method to market whatever you endorse on the web and making your online presence and bank statement a pleasent aspect to look at.

1. Study Your Prey

Marketing Mistakes

Marketing Mistakes

Possibly essentially the more useful thing a company can do ahead of starting their blogging campaign is to watch the blogosphere closely. There are a few superb blogs around for paying attention to learn what others are writing about your industry, your company and your products. Many of those gear are loose (Google News Indicators for example). Plug in some keywords related to you and your business and notice what is being talked about.

You’ll also to find that as you ‘pay attention’ that you simply begin to be informed the culture of business blogging and how those in your trade are already using it. This may increasingly educate you numerous each about what is acceptable and what the etiquette is nevertheless it additionally could provide you with some clues on the best way to differentiate your weblog from what others to your area of interest are doing with their blogs .

Lastly – staring at and listening will allow you to identify key bloggers and influencers in your area of interest – those are individuals who can teach you numerous, introduce you to the area of interest running a blog community and possibly will let you get began .

2. Know your playground

The best question a business blog owner can or rather should ask before starting the blog is -What purpose of your online business is your blog helping you to meet? Don’t just get started a website as a result of it being the cool thing to do. Consider what channel/s of your business your blog is going to assist streng then, what targets you want to succeed in with it and what it’ll and gained’t aim to do.Know the scope and limitation of the blog. Try to find the business listings with google keyword search.

You might to find as you contemplate this that you have reasonably a diverse set of objectives to your blog. If you have too many micro goals to reach please consider making multiple blogs,its not only preferable for SEO but also gives the blog a niche professional look to the visitors and helps them stick to you and follow you as an expert in the field rather than a ‘try it all looser’. Its fairly easy to set up multiple blogs depending on a few tweaks in wordpress MU blogs or using joomla.

3. Being Useful Is Your Only Bait

The most successful blog have been those that not only dish out exceptional content but also make peoples wishes come true,it must be a remedy to their problems and must lend a hand to folks who interact with you. This doesn’t mean your blog needs to be stuffed with ‘tips’ (although guidelines associated with how one can use your products may work) however you should imagine who will be reading your weblog and what they expect out of the blog.You need to learn marketing from successful professionals,and seasoned pros who have tried it already.

Will they be searching for details about your corporate and merchandise? Are they taking a look to seek out data for your workforce individuals? Do they want information out of your industry? Do they have got particular issues that you might be able to help them clear up? Stay focussed on your marketing!

At the same time as being ‘helpful’ may no longer sound like one thing so as to convert to gross sales instantly it might have a profound have an effect on upon the ones studying your weblog and your business in the long term. Solve a problem for any individual and once they subsequent need to make a purchase they might just come knocking to your door. Meet a need for someone and they might simply tell their network about you .

Refer our article on Help Marketing Strategy to get better insight into it !

4. Balance Between Personal And Professional


Viral Marketing

There’s no single method to construct a blog and no one taste that suits all . Ultimately it’s your blog and you’ll be able to strengthen your personal manner…. BUT…. blogs do lend themselves to a personal style of communication. Your company most definitely already has a extra static site which conveys content material in the third person – use your blog (or blogs) to do one thing different- interact with people on a personal level.

Supply your business a face, voice and personalized effect via writing in a more non-public voice, using photos (of the author and other staff individuals), by showing some of the at the back of the scenes of your corporate etc. Be Human! I have come accross numerous professionals who have seriously mixed up their blog and their profession.The website is a place to sell, the blog is a place to interact with people on a level that goes beyond sales -Build Relations!

Though some bloggers never go beyond helping you till you sign up for their news letter or purchase that shiny expensive plugin they are selling, i wouldnt advice my readers doing that, since it will harm you in the long run and people will look ar your site as a classified ads site and you as a salesman! what an insult for a blogger!This will decide whether your blog will make money or not!A good post on how to Inspire People.

This doesn’t imply professionalism is going out the door – at all times take into account that the whole thing that is going up in your blog both probably adds worth for your corporate or takes away from it – stay your requirements prime and understand that the whole lot you publish is successfully on the net for ever (even whilst you delete it it’ll frequently be listed in an internet archive someplace).

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Promote, However Don’t be a Spam Bot!



It’s OK to use a blog to advertise products or run sales orientated campaigns. I’ve observed a few other people argue that blogs shouldn’t be used to sell – however I believe so long as you’re transparent and stay your posts useful ‘sales’ similar posts can work.

The key is to make the publish extra helpful than simply going with a ‘promote in any way possible’ attitude.That is what i mean by creating content. Not all are looking for free tips to make their lives easy, there are even people who are looking for tips on how to get that expensive theme they purchased or the list building tool they want to buy.

BUT, (and this is a very important ‘but’, it can make or break your reputation) dont be a spammer! I have seen people having tens of thousands of followers on twitter for example, but the only thing or time they tweet is when they want to post a link, and disappear never to come until they have another link to promote.I bet someone fooled them into believing that it is called twitter marketing! There are a few people who really know how twitter marketing works though!

6. Dont Be Afraid To Link To Other Sites!

Many businesses are afraid to send folks clear of their blogs and end up being very insular. This ignores one of the vital key things that blogging has been built upon – the link. Running a blog is a medium that has grown so quickly as a result of traditionally other people were very beneficial with their links to different web sites and blogs. Dont be afraid of the Nofollow Tag

While this may appear a bit counter-intuitive to some people (sending folks away out of your blog) if you provide worth on your readers by sending them to top of the range and useful information they’ll thank you for it and be back for more. Helping other people learn one thing, be entertaining, make an ideal new connection, stay up-to-the-minute with the latest news and so forth can grow your individual profile and perceived expertise. It could also assist you to to make in-roads with others for your niche when you ship them visitors and could result in hyperlinks coming again at you and fruitful partnerships.Read these blog writing tips might prove useful.

Don’t be scared of the outbound link, most of the times I have seen people visit the blogs I mention only to come back to comment or ask about something they read on the other blog . This is a way to build trust . Though some people will never go beyond luring people that they have a dofollow plugin and even people end up believeing that they can build their dream business on the basis of a plugin installed on some other blog ! I wouldnt advice that, rather if you find a good informative post , link to it from the article body itself.You can make up for the loss in the link juice with some article marketing .

7. Establish A Rhythm And Frequency Of Posting

A blog doesn’t need to have new content material on it every day to be successful. What is solely as important as numerous posts is common posts. In my experience readers like to grasp that they’ll get a regular movement of content material and no longer unexpected bursts of a variety of posts after which prolonged periods of silence. Dont Be Afraid to Experiment!

My recommendation for a new weblog is to try for 2-three posts per week whilst you’re beginning out. In time you may be able to carry this price to three-4 after which transfer against 4-five in time. This manner you’re now not biting off greater than you’ll be able to bite too early and offering your readers with a steady movement of helpful content.What we are aiming here is not sales, we just want to cater to the curiosity of the readers and since they will increase with time you will have to increase the frequency of posting to cater to their needs. (Remember, you are blogging to help not to sell).

8. Avoid Advertising

In case your primary goal as a industry beginning a weblog is to grow your personal profile and upload for your own Advertising messages then you definitely should steer clear of working ads on your blog. I’ve seen a number of companies fall for the temptation of creating a few dollars via promoting advertisements on their weblog – however all this really does is distract your reader from the only corporate you will have to be advertising – yours.

At the worst end of items it is advisable be highlighting your personal competition by way of working advertisements to your blog with a gadget like AdSense which permits any corporate to target commercials by yourself blog. Instead of constructing a few unfastened amendment with promoting – enhance interior banner commercials for your services and products and placed them at key points for your blog so force readers to buy from you.

Dont….(let me correct it) – NEVER! advertise what you can’t sell!

It will not only take up resources but also make you look less trustworthy if you have shiny banners all the site making it look like a christmas tree (with no gifts ofcourse).

9. Decide your Comment Moderation Policy

Probably one of the greatest fears of many corporations getting into blogging is about what’s going to happen of their feedback section. What happens if a customer with a vendetta begins doing injury there? What if a competitor sees a possibility to fan the flames of bother or advertise themselves?

Other firms have other approaches to moderating feedback on their weblog and while some bloggers can get a bit rigid with their perspectives on this – there’s really no one unmarried rule that are supposed to be implemented to all blogs. In the long run it’s your weblog and also you decide how other people should engage there.

My private preference on blogs is to stay them as simple as conceivable to remark upon and to permit all feedback unless defamatory, spammy or containing obscene language – then again your feedback coverage may well be just a little more closed than this. The bottom line is to grasp what you will and received’t permit beforehand of time and to make that policy to be had someplace for your readers.

Also have in place a system for implementing your policy and moderating comments. This may occasionally probably come with giving a person (or a staff of other people) the duty of normal tracking of comments. This is a move ,not so muct to protect you(come on we can always delete bad comments) , but its a move that leverages your brand from the rest since you appear as a more considerate and simply put ‘real’ person. Have a look at TL’s Comment policy.I almost had a nap, woke up , had food , had another nap whilst i finished reading that long boring sermon! but its an essential part of branding, making people feel secure. None the less a feel of ‘please dont hurt anyone’s sentiments while commenting’ sounds more alluring than ‘Yes! Yes! this is my blog please drop swarms of comments on it!’

10. Be Interactive and innovative.

Running a blog is regularly at its highest whilst it’s an interactive thing. Encourage feedback by means of asking questions in post, run polls and surveys, inspire your readers with blogs to write their own posts that extend ideas in yours, run competitions, offer special discounts for readers etc.

Take risks, no one will kill you if you don’t make it !

Remember , they are no demi gods! they are all sailing in the same boat looking for the same thing – Traffic! and when i mean they , Google included! dont forget, the internet is one big industry that runs only on traffic and while makes it a lot of money, please note that it does not directly take money from those who use it. I am amused no one is inspired by this approach to marketing!Almost all of them out there want to make a customer(fool) out of their readers and piss them off in the process, no wonder there is only one Google!

11. Integrate Your Weblog along with your Web site

In most cases you should think carefully approximately how to combine your blog with your company’s existing website. Once more there aren’t any regulations here and it’ll in part rely on your goals but it surely’d be commonplace to hyperlink on your blog from your primary corporate web site and link out of your weblog for your website. Typically you’ll almost certainly additionally need to make certain your blog is for your primary corporate domain (yoursite.com/weblog will work smartly in helping both areas of the web page to construct your search engine optimisation authority) and that design components are consistent among areas.Its all about blog planning.

12. Discovering Readers by means of Leveraging Your Current Profile and Network

One of the vital demanding situations going through new blogs whether they be tied to a business or now not is how one can get people studying them. Some of the beginning points in this is to consider what existing profile or network you have already got developed. So much corporations have customers, staff, trade institutions and so on that they can notify (without being spammy) in their new blog.

If you have different places of on-line presence  (your corporate web page, social network profiles and so on) you should additionally link on your blog from these. Other advertising materials similar to letterhead, trade playing cards, electronic mail signatures and the like can all additionally assist get the phrase out about your blog.

Never take any social media experts word blindly, they are experts in their respective fields hence the fan following, same size dosnt fit all, your social media profiles are your face on the internet (after your blog) go ahed and make relations, dont worry about getting backlinks, if you are worth it, people will voluntarily build backlinks for you and hopefully follow you .

13.Know that People are selfish ,You Shouldn’t be!

Nobody you meet out there has come out for charity! and they sure are not out there to hold your hand and guide you!they are out there just for one reason-Money! You are on your own and if you want help , read RULE 3 again! Learn to speak to your customers hearts

Thats right! be useful to them! nothing charms more than a person doing their link building , a simple tweet, comment or share goes a long way and costs you nothing.Its an essential part of relation building , not so much of a link building strategy(we will discuss hard core SEO tips and link building in my next post, promise ;) but if you want people to take you seriously , you must be indespensible input to their business in some way.


No matter how much you try , i guarantee you that your business will meet bad experiences and bad people, but i dont have to write another post to explain you what to do in such situations. There is a reason we have two ears, just tilt your head and flush out your worries. Someone not tweeting your post, someone giving a bad review shouldnt matter for a simple reason – You are not optimizing your blog for them! you are optimizing for the information hungry people out there who want to read your content, who are making crazy millions of searches every month to find you! Do you want to waste your time whining for a backlink less received?

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  1. Hey Rohan,

    Great points. Thanks for sharing these great strategies for marketing a business blog and for the kind mention as well :)

    All the best,

  2. Wow, this is a long read. It would have made a great series.

    I like your point of providing your business a face. Before a brand can build trust, its people have to build trust. I don’t know anyone at Coca-Cola, but I have faith that their product will be a quality one.

    The first customers though had to know the salespeople and develop a rapport with them. From that rapport, and many more interactions that supported this relationship, Coca-Cola was able to build their brand.

    Having said all of that, those that do business with them on a day-to-day basis are still going to want a face or familiar voice with whom to do business. So no matter how trusted your brand is, nor how big you grow, a company still needs that face behind their business, doesn’t it?

    Excellent points. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • Yes effective branding is absolutely important to build up your reputation and eventually your power to influence peoples decision to buy, based on that factor called -trust! (which is volatile to the core) , some people drive their business to success only with their name they have built prior to starting the business, so those are heavily personal branded,and works good for them, some build the business first and that becomes their face. There is a third and the most prominent kind which build a business and then put their name all over it , so it dosent qualify to be a professional nor personal approach, it ends up looking like a personal blog. Branding is important, but what face the brand puts forward in front of the world will decide how people perceive their business business.

  3. Alicia Jay says:


    So glad I found you and Techlunatic! This article actually answers a lot of questions I have as someone new to blogging in my niche. I love your thought that we are all sailing along in the same boat. Takes some of the “big scary” out of it for me;)

  4. Damn man, you have great talent, seriously. Basing on what I’ve read so far, I’m guessing that in a few weeks time, you’ll be spreading your brand like a wildfire in the community. By the way, I just shared this post on SERPd.com, you should check that site out, I personally hang out there a lot :)

    Thanks for the mention!

  5. These are some good tips for business blogging. The most important things when it comes to writing a blog for business is to have quality content and update it frequently. You don’t want to gain a loyal following and then ditch them because other things came up. Make sure to stick with it and blog on a regular basis (once a day is ideal).

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