Build Thematic links

This is the reason I told you to forget SEO in the tip mentioned above. Infact this is the solution to the SEO crime we commit in tip number 10 by not indulging in some keyword research and not optimizing your title and headers in a bid to make it attractive to human readers .

Cover up whatever SEO errors you committed by thematic link building. Build trusted links of high PR and preferably GOV and EDU. Dont waste time with social bookmarking, your fish will do that for you when the bait is taken. Our point in link building is to make it rank on search engines to get a fresh surge of targetted traffic from the search engines so we have more fish to engage and that increases the probability of the bait being taken. Quality links is what will help you achieve that, volume based link building is a myth.

Proliferate your weapons

Prepare in advance for the kind of links you are going to need. A link bait however well written cannot succeed unless you have intervention from other bloggers from your niche. Ask them if they would like to link back, explain them the advantage they have in linking to you (if there really is a reason). Otherwise dont spam people.
Be ready with a good number of social media followers, if you don’t have them then request a friend to help you .

Use Video Marketing

Videos are the ‘in’ thing in marketing and they are here to stay. So make sure you invest in good video marketing practices and leverage it to your benefit. Here is a graphic which will make it clear how important video marketing really is for your business.

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