How To Make A Link Bait That Goes Viral

There have been lot of debates on link baiting being ethical or otherwise , let me be frank, this post is not intended to go that path . Its a personal choice and i think that is how internet is supposed to behave – By linking to each other and keeping it alive and relevant . We will discuss that later . For now, let us see how to create a good link bait for your Business Blog so that people are compelled to link to your post .

Let us not ruminate the same all over in the article and discuss how to go about and achieve this feat!

Be Linkable

You will find this piece of advice resonating in all my posts and there is a solid reason to it, – It works ! If you thought creating a link bait was the ‘cool’ thing to get traffic and backlinks the easy way , think again ! because

It is not as cool as you think , you need to have the knowledge , authority and fluid language skills to pull off a link bait.

Its not easy in any way , as if being difficult was not good enough , you will also face terrible damage to your reputation and SERPs for a linkbait gone wrong ! will explain that later in the post . For now , you need to be linkable in a way :

  • Have good connections.
  • Having published valuable content in the past .
  • Good relations with other bloggers. This is where Help Marketing comes into play
  • People tend to link to you if you are already familiar .

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