‘Unprofessional’ Is The New ‘Professional’

how to handle bad clients

Before I start, let me clarify that, this is not just another ‘lets use a catchy headline to get more clicks’ post. I mean it in the most literal sense possible and through the article, I am going to reveal how this strategy can positively impact your business, personal life and almost anything that you

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How to Make Your Blog Better: Quick Tips

how to blog

Every day, new blogs are created. Because of this influx of new blogs, SEO is crucial if you want your blog to rank among the highest of pages. Here’s a list of tips that’s been compiled to help you improve your site and shoot up in the rankings. Follow these tips if you want to

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How to Create a Custom Tab or Page for your Facebook Fan Page

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Welcome, this tutorial will teach you how to create a custom page or tab for your Facebook Fan Page. Among many benefits to having a custom tab or page one very important benefit is that it makes your page stand out and look professional as opposed to just displaying the plain boring Timeline page. Now

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Outside the Box Link Generation Tactics For Your Website


Tired of using conventional linking strategies? It seems today everyone is trying to get linked by doing the same things, over and over again. Instead, why not go outside the box to snag links that nobody else it targeting? These 10 unconventional and different link building strategies can help. Do a Lot of Reviews Go

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How Google Places Can Help Your Business


Does your target market know how or where to find you? Not sure? Then, sign up on Google Places to make your business more noticeable and help you stay ahead of the competition. Not familiar with it? Let us have a quick look into it… OVERVIEW It is a local directory (developed specifically for businesses)

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Copywriting Freedom – Now I don’t know what to say!

how to be a good copywriter

Freedom is paradoxically restrictive. Being a copywriter is a great and varied job. You sometimes get paid to write about your own views and experiences. This is what makes it liberating. But for the exact same reason, being a copywriter is also oppressive! Living with only your own frame of reference on things can make

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Top 10 Article Marketing Mistakes


Article marketing is said to be one of the most effective Internet marketing methods, but is it also one of the easiest we use? Unfortunately not. Article marketing needs time, effort and skill in order to be effective, but when it is done correctly it can bring you tons of traffic and of course sales

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